The Panther HID is the most powerful searchlight in the range. The high intensity discharge Xenon (HID) will give over 3 times more light than our existing models (5200 lumens).

Its incredible beam makes it ideal for search and rescue and is used widely by RAF mountain rescue teams.

  • High power rechargeable searchlight with High Intensity Discharge (HID) bulb
  • 3,000 metre spot beam
  • 5,200 lumens light output
  • 2 light modes: high and low
  • Battery status charging indicator
  • Lightweight + durable construction
  • Designed to meet IP54
  • Robust polyethylene construction. Virtually unbreakable casing
  • Secondary CREE LED for close up work

Supplied with:

  • AC Mains charger,
  • Shoulder carrying strap,
  • Adjustable stand
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