300 BAR Air Cylinder Complete


New charging cylinders available in 3 convenient sizes - all rated at 300 bar. Which type to choose is a decision that only the individual can make.

Size, weight and cost are all factors in this choice, but obviously the number of times a cylinder can be refilled is also a major consideration and is directly related to the size and pressure rating of the charging bottle.

Some appropriate figures are quoted below for guidance - charging bottles are supplied empty to comply with legislation. (Typical fills per bottle for a gun operating at 200 bar from empty) 3lt 300 bar bottle: approx 15 fills. 7lt 300 bar bottle: approx 27 fills. 12lt 300 bar bottle: approx 40 fills. • Charging bottle • Handguard (protects valve and gauge) • Gauge and captive bleed screw • Hose • Concave base

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