Air Arms Superlite S400 Carbine


The new S400 superlight series is AirArms’ latest development of the S400 series. It boasts all the same refinement of the S400 Classic and Carbine, but the rifle is about 10% lighter. This is down to the high quality Mineli manufactured stock made from poplar wood this is fully ambidextrous and available in Hunter green. The Superlight series is great for the shooting family as it can be used by all members, regardless of upper body strength.

(The s400 superlight comes in traditional or carbine format, the carbine is about 10cm and 10g lighter than the classic. Both are extremely accurate, but the carbine can be easier to use for shooters of small stature or shooters who want a rifle to be compact for hunting).

Please call the shop to discuss various models and best prices.

speak to Albert Rix.

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