Air Arms Superlite S510 Carbine


S510 Superlight: maximum performance, in a lightweight package

The S510 is probably the pinnacle of the S400/410/510 range. Gone is the regular bolt action and in its place is a side lever that is slick and quick to operate; it is designed to be so smooth, that a shooter can cock and load the next pellet whilst never removing their eye from the scope.

Also, the S510 comes with a bull barrel that is aesthetically very pleasing and is devastatingly accurate, as well as incredibly quiet. The S510 is based on S410 technology. The S410 is the multi-shot derivation of the S400. It borrows all of the refinement and development from the s400 series, but it also adds a 10 shot magazine system that makes the s410 extremely popular with hunters and plinkers alike. In classic form, it has a great shot count, a superb adjustable trigger and is both well-proportioned and elegant.

The new S510 superlight series is AirArms’ latest development of the S series; it boasts all the same refinement of the S510 Classic and Carbine, but the rifle is about 10% lighter.  This is down to the high quality Mineli manufactured stock made from poplar wood and this is fully ambidextrous, the hunter has a green finish. The Superlight series is great for the shooting family as it can be used by all members regardless of upper body strength.

Please call the shop to discuss the various models and best prices. Please speak to Albert Rix.

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