Caledonian XL Gold 12 Bore Fibre 67mm 12 Bore 30 gram 6 Shot


Five exceptional game loads for the game shooter, Caledonian Classic, XL, Magna, Monarch and Long Reach. Made to the original Scottish recipe with the highest quality components and blended to produce the ultimate game cartridge that provides unequalled performance drive after drive.


Phil Burtt is one of the finest and most respected shots in the country. A genuine countryman and charming all-round sportsman, Phil is currently Shoot Captain on the renowned Belvoir Castle Estate in Leicestershire.

One of the finest and most respected shots in the country.

"The Caledonian XL is my cartridge of choice, the best all-round cartridge I have ever used. Always reliable and totally consistent, the traditionally blended Caledonian XL is the cartridge I recommend with confidence time and time again"

All prices quoted for !000.If you want more and a discounted price please call.

Deliveries will only be made on receipt of a copy of the front page of the Buyer's shotgun certificate at the time of order by post, fax or email. Proof of certificate may be required from time to time by the Company.

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