Cartouches Fibre Jockers 28 Gram 7.5 Shot


Gun Gauge   12
Shot Size   67mm 5 Shot
Box Quantity   25
Fibre/Plastic   Fibre
Load (Gms)   28
Price per   1,000

Excellent value cartridges supplied in plastic wrapped lots of 25 and cased in 250.

The excellent ballistic figures that resulted show that Jocker has chosen components that work well together, and has assembled them very competently. Maximum average breech pressure is a moderate 550 bar (190 below the limit), while velocity is definitely brisk without quite reaching the Holy Grail of 400m/s (which seems to have become something of a benchmark for ‘high velocity’ clay target loads). Higher velocities do, of course, come at a price in several ways, not least of which is recoil (momentum), and here the LA28 remains below 11Ns, which is a recoil level most can cope well with in a full-weight clay gun.

All prices quoted for 1000.

Please call the shop to discuss availability and delivery costs.

Deliveries will only be made on receipt of a copy of the front page of the Buyer's shotgun certificate at the time of order by post, fax or email. Proof of certificate may be required from time to time by the Company.

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