Cogswell and Harrison Windsor Game Shotgun


The Background

An Irish company who now owns the name of London's oldest Gun maker. A number of models sold by C&H are still Best English Guns manufactured in London, while many guns and rifles are manufactured and imported from Europe. It was therefore important that we communicated the significant heritage story without disguising the dual-location manufacturing situation.

The Solution

For the guns still hand made in London, the story was straight forward. For the guns manufactured in Italy a new strapline was created - 'A name to be reckoned with'. This double edged strapline communicated that these new guns were 'guns to be reckoned with'. It also alluded to the fact that, over the centuries, C&G have been a 'force to be reckoned with'.

30 inch steel proofed barrels and 3 inch chambers.


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