F.A.I.R SSX 12 Bore Semi Auto

This New F.A.I.R. SSX12 semi-automatic shotgun operates on the principle of inertia utilizing kinetic energy. It is the answer to customers’ requirements about a different product, like over-under and side-by-side for which F.A.I.R. is synonymous with quality all over the world.
The SSX12 system is the newest type of reloading system. It has an extremely simple mechanism, which need the minimum of maintenance, unlike normal gas-operated, semi-automatic shotguns, that need constant cleaning and maintenance.
In the semi-automatic SSX12 model is reflected throughout the Italian manufacturing experience and more precisely of the region “Val Trompia”. In the new lines, shapes and finishing can be observed all the essence of the slogan F.A.I.R. "Tradition & Technology".
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