Guide Infrared Guide IR517V PRO (640x480 Resolution / 35mm Lens) Monocular


Product Description

The IR517 handheld thermal monocular series is the latest addition to a range of handheld thermal imagers by Guide. The new IR517 series has interchangeable lenses which attach in a similar way to DSLR lenses. Lenses are available as 19mm, 35mm, 65mm and 80mm variants, the 35mm lens comes as standard. Every IR517 comes with the following: USB cable, adapter, video cable, user manual, and lens cap.

There are four models in the series:
• IR517V Pro – 640x480 sensor with Wi-Fi
• IR517V – 640x480 sensor
• IR517G Pro – 400x300 sensor with Wi-Fi
• IR517G – 400x300 sensor

All models share these following features:
1. HOT SPOT TRACKING, which detects the hottest or coldest spot within your field-of-view and puts a box around it
2. 2x & 4x Digital Zoom
3. Three operational palette modes: Black hot, white hot and red hot
4. Ergonomic design, making it easy to handle and operate, control layout is created in such a way that the finger tips naturally align with the operational buttons
5. Built-in image & video recording
6. Image/Video transfer over Wi-Fi

The IR517V Pro has a 640x480 sensor with a 17 µm pixel path and 1280x960 LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) viewfinder display.
Lens detection range variances are as listed:
• 19mm lens detection range: 500m
• 35mm lens detection range: 1000m
• 65mm lens detection range: 1800m
• 80mm lens detection range: 2200m

This model also has:
• 640x480 sensor
• Storage temperature: -30°C to 70°C
• Operational temperature: -10°C to 50°C
• Has an Ingress Protection Rating of IP66
• Video Output Format: PAL(25Hz)/NTSC(30Hz)
• 1/4”-20 tripod socket
• Optional data storage: 16/32GB memory card (JPG&AVI)
• Built-in USB port charging/data transfer
• Adjustment Dioptre -5/+5
• Spectral range: 8-14 µm
• 1280x960 LCOS Display
• Weight: 800g (with 35mm lens)
• Drop tested 1m
• Operating time approx. 5 hrs
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