The Konus Rangefinder MINI-600 is a rangefinder which can measure the distance in meters as well in yards to an object, for example an animal. With this rangefinder it is possible to enlarge an object 6 times where you clearly can see what the distance is to your object. The rangefinder is small and handy to use, its weight is only 180 gram and can be used in one hand. The distance to the object can be measured form 5 to 600 meter which is measured by a laser. The diopter can be focused by turning the eyepiece wheel until you see a sharp image. By pressing the button on top of the device called "Mode" you can easily change your mode. You can choose between 5 different modes:

  • Mode 1 is the default mode in which the device is activated, in this mode, no additional information is displayed except for the measured distance.
  • Mode 2 is the scan mode, during this mode you hold the "Adjust" button to continuously measure the distance while moving.
  • Mode 3 is the mode for rain and fog, in this mode you can measure from 30 meter in bad weather.
  • Mode 4 is a special mode for golf, in this module the rangefinder measures multiple objects and displays the nearest object besides the golf flag on the display.
  • Mode 5 is the haunting mode, is this mode the rangefinder will skip objects, such as bushes, stones and branches, between you and the object you want to measure.

Usage Konus Rangefinder MINI-600

The Konus Rangefinder MINI-600 is a compact rangefinder which can easily be taken with you, for example when going into nature, haunting or when playing a game of golf.


  • Konus Rangefinder Mini-600
  • Storage bag
  • Full Color gift box
  • Cleaning Cloth
  • CR2 battery
  • Multi-language manual
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