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The Newton Trace 3.5x42 is a digital night vision monocular and because of this cannot be easily damaged by bright light sources. It offers an affordable way to record footage at night and low light situations by using an internal video recorder, which is stored on a removable SD card (included). The unit can be connected to a computer via a USB cable where footage can be captured using software on the included 2GB memory card.
The infrared (IR) illuminator allows the unit to be used in total darkness. There are just three buttons, making operation simple - an On/Off button, an IR Illuminator On/Off button and Record button. Once the dioptre correction on the eyepiece is set, crisp focusing is achieved by rotating the objective lens.
The external finish of the Trace 3.5x42 is soft touch which aids grip and a detachable wrist strap is also provided. It also features an in-built ¼” Whitworth thread to aid easy mounting on a tripod or allow accessories to be fitted to them.

A carry case is included
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