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The Challenger Gen 2 + NVG 1x21 Series comprises several models, the key difference being the performance offered by their respective image intensifier tubes.

There are two factory fitted variants, the Challenger G2+ 1x21 and the Challenger G2+ 1x21(B). There are also numerous image intensifier tubes that can be fitted into this bodyshell giving it impressive customisation potential.

The Challenger G2+ 1x21(B) has all the features of its less expensive GS counterpart but has superior performance characteristics due to the higher resolution and sensitivity of its Russian EPM223G-11-26V image intensifier tube.

The Challenger G2 1x21 is similar to the G2+ 1x21(B) but offers further performance improvements due to the higher sensitivity and resolution of its Russian EPM207G-11-13B Gen 2+ or Photonis Gen 2+ series image intensifier tubes. This product is available with a choice of intensifier tubes and is supplied with a light, adjustable headmount.

There are 10 different Photonis Gen 2+ intensifier tubes available. Parts for this range are in stock and assembled to order. Delivery date for custom solutions is advised at the time of order.

• Water and dust resistant
• IR illuminator
• Flexible carrying case
• Built in tripod socket
• Hand-held & hands free use
• Twin switch operation
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