MD-3009 II



Fully automatic – a - turn - on -and - go - detector.

Zero Motion Targeting Function for - for precisely locate a target.

LED View Meter – Can be used in a noisy area, where it is difficult to hear.

All Metal - push-key switch made of metal and metal identifying switch. These two parts particularly provides more convenience to the user.

No Clumsy Slack Cable - hidden search coil cable (connecting between control unit and search coil) avoid entangling and for ease of stem length adjustment.

Low Battery Alarm - automatic audio alarm and red power spot efficiently remind the user to change the battery in time.

Headphone Jack - provided for headphone connection. Both stereo or mono headphone can be used.

Waterproof Search Coil - lets you use the detector in the shallow water.

Adjustable Stem - lets you adjust the detector’s length for comfortable use. The micro-plug that connects the search coil and the controller unit is made of metal which makes the plug more reliable.




Armrest & stem - designed to eliminate strain on forearm. The nylon bracket to further secure the slip of the hand compartment after long time holding the detector by arm.


Power - Use six 1.5-volt AA alkaline batteries. The built in insolating circuit helps avoid wrong battery connection and prolong the battery life.

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