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Introducing the leanest, brightest, tightest X5L, ramped up to evaporate darkness, subdue opponents and optimize a full-sized pistol like nothing else.

The blinding 224 lumen taclight is bigger and brighter, with beam intensity and explosive strobe that give aggressors nowhere to hide. The brilliant Viridian green laser is visible day or night, indoors and out. The leaner, aluminium-body profile fits your pistol as tight as a tattoo. An arsenal of custom modes lets you pre-program your tactics, then adjust on the fly to keep the advantage on your side.

You put a lot of thought, time and training into mastering your skill with weapons and tactics. The ultimate X5L makes sure it pays off when it counts.

Range: 100 Yards in daylight and 2 miles at night
Laser: 5mW/532nm
Cree Taclight: 178 Lumens constant/224 Lumens strobe
Battery life: 6+ Hours constant laser/10+ Hours pulsing laser/60 Minutes laser/light
Construction: 6061 Aircraft grade aluminium
Adjustable: Easy windage/elevation adjustment on laser
Activation/Mode: Automatic activation with Remote Paddle Switch

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